DJ Carbonel returns to Resistanz!

DJ announcement number 20. Co-founder of RevolutioN, the Corporation’s monthly electro industrial night, that went on to spawn Resistanz Festival. Making it 6 for 6 with a set at R2016, here’s Carbonel! Once more unto the decks dear friends, once … Continued



Returning to Sheffield – DJ FFWD>> (of Memmaker)!

Raising roofs and ripping up floors, this guy is responsible for those two acts, both as DJ and also with Memmaker at more than one of the previous editions of Resistanz Festival. 2016, he’s back once again to test the … Continued



Announcing, from Vienna to Sheffield, comes DJ Thormann!

In the beginning there was hell – Hellradio! We go back to the year 1997 – the year Thormann was born! The clubs were formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the dancefloors and the spirit of industrial … Continued



DJ announcement: DJ Misfit joins Resistanz 2016!

DJ Misfit’s journey into dirty beats started 20 years ago after getting hooked on the underground sounds coming from some of the best alternative night clubs that Johannesburg had to offer. He then went on to DJ at events such … Continued



DJ announcement: Digital Chaos at R-2016!

In the time Digital Chaos has been a purveyor of the harder styles he has rocked some of the best nights around including Sinistry, D.H.F, Nerd Night, Tsunami, The Wave, H.D.S, Church of the Darkside and regularly appears with his … Continued